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BRUZÉ LAUnch party

We've teamed up with Nyarai Cellars (Canada’s only Black-owned winery) to celebrate Black History Month by creating an explosive infusion of beer and wine with our Bruzé spritzer. Join us this Friday February 23rd for the grand debut at Mascot Etobicoke. From 6pm-9pm come celebrate Black History Month the chill craft way with African inspired cuisine provided in collaboration with The Abibiman Project.



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Mascot Watermelon Beet Sour Beer delivers a refreshing burst of watermelon aroma, complemented by a subtle earthy smoothness from the beets. This light-bodied brew enchants your palate with a vibrant upfront wave of watermelon, leading to a clean and dry finish. Indulge in the unique harmony of flavors crafted by Mascot, making this Watermelon Sour Beer a delightful choice for beer enthusiasts.

Pale ruby in colour. Light bodied. Watermelon On the nose. Upfront wave of watermelon on the tongue followed by an earthly smoothness from the beet. The finish is clean and dry.

ABV: 4.5%


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